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April 06, 2004


Brad Wilson

Huh, it won't install for me. When I double click and tell it run via Firefox, it complains that /content/editor.xul is missing and then aborts the installation.


Strange error. Editor.xul isn't a file I reference and neither is it part of the default Firefox installation. There is an editor.xul in the Gecko editor.

Are you using the stable 0.8 version of Firefox? Any unusual extensions?

Also, just as a trivial test, could you open Firefox and then do a File -> Open File... to run the xpi.

Brad Wilson

Using the File | Open technique appeared like it was going to work, but really didn't. The extension didn't show up in the extension list, and there's no extra menu items when I right click the page or a link on the page.

I tried both installing to the app directory and to my profile directory. Neither seemed to do anything.

This box has Firefox 0.8 without any extensions installed (a recently paved box).

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